Release The Sound 2021 London United Kingdom - UK

Release The Sound 2021 London United Kingdom - UK
January 30 2021, 07:00
in London United Kingdom - UK ( events)
Address: London United Kingdom, London, United Kingdom
Out of the box, something different.
One Night of Intense Worship, Psalms, Poetry, Prayer, Word, Impartation, and Activation
Do you know that there is a unique SOUND on the inside of you? Do you know that just ONE WORD from God can activate the SOUND in you? Do you know that your SOUND has the power to liberate many?

Why not join us for this strategic gathering as we come together, individually RELEASE a SOUND that will become a corporate and mighty SOUND.
.. they were all with ONE accord in ONE place.
This SOUND will be LOUD, and you don't want to miss out!
This one night promises to leave you with an experience you will live to remember.
NB: Do let us know if you want to partner with this vision and we will be in touch with more details.

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