Couples Therapy Training 2020-21 Skylight Centre London

Couples Therapy Training 2020-21 Skylight Centre London
January 26 2021, 01:30
in Skylight Centre ( events)
Address: 49 Corsica Street, N5 1JT London, United Kingdom
The Couples Therapy Training course will be led by Christopher Williams, BACP & UKCP, an internationally renowned trainer and couple’s therapist working with both Gestalt and Systemic approaches, and by Jane James, a highly experienced practitioner and coach.

The purpose of this training is to give participants the opportunity to extend their therapeutic or coaching practice to include working with couples or other two-person systems. It is assumed that participants will already have basic skills in working with individuals, and therefore the course focus is on the shifts and additional skills needed to be of help when working with couples..

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